Singapore, South East Asia

19-Sept-2013 – Services providers to Singapore’s Changi Airport, Biggest Malls and several small businesses depend on CGS Infotech to take their company to the next level

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Mumbai, India

16-May-2008 – India’s biggest corporate houses, 2nd largest bank, largest FMCG company, advertising agencies and hundreds of clients turn to CGS to promote their companies through search engine and social media

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London, United Kingdom

25-May-2012 – London’s boutique hotel, finest beauty clinic, oldest antique shop, one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and dozens of other companies have one thing in common – Everyone uses CGS Infotech’s unmatched talent and processes to expand their success.

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Florida, USA

17-July-2013 – America’s top physicians rely on CGS INFOTECH for reputation management, website design, HIPAA Complaint Email Solutions.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

13-May-2013 – From a women’s only beauty parlor in Bur-Dubai to Middle East’s top financial institute trust CGS Infotech for marketing their services on Google and Bing.

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CGS Infotech Participates In Prestigious Arab-Indian CEO Summit In Abu Dhabi, UAE

This 10-minute video clip shows a speech by Internet marketing company CGS Infotech’s CEO at Arab-Indian CEO Summit a prestigious event in Abu Dhabi, UAE where senior business people from across the Arab and Indian world came together with the goal of increasing cooperation between the two regions.

CGS Infotech CEO Speaks About Cooperation At Oman Chamber Event

This brief clip represents CGS Infotech’s commitments to young India natives and the world at large. In it, our company’s CEO speaks to an Emerging Young India business-to-business session presented by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CGS Infotech Tackles Reputation Management At Florida Physicians Event

In this brief slide show and clip, the CGS Infotech CEO speaks to the Central Florida Physician Association and the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin on the topics of Internet marketing and reputation management.

Hiten Bhuta London 2012 – Google Success and Search Engine Optimization Training Program

This video summarizes and characterizes the important impact that CGS Infotech had with its recent Search Engine Optimization Training Program conducted in London. One of many seminars conducted by the search engine marketing company, it was a great success and educated a great number of people.

Welcome To Doha Reception By Embassy Event Features CGS Infotech

In this video slide show documenting a “Welcome To Doha” reception hosted by the embassy, CGS Infotech features prominently. Participating in events like this one allows invited guests to see the status and position in the industry of CGS Infotech, a company known to provide professional search engine optimization and Internet marketing services.

India Qatar Partnership Event

This is a video highlighting CGS Infotech’s participation in an important India Qatar Partnership event organized By IBPN. Because CGS Infotech is an important and well-respected company in India and serving the search engine optimization and website enhancement needs of clients all around the world, our company routinely participates in such high-profile gatherings. Our company can provide great results to your company if given the chance.

CGS Infotech Is Proud Participant In Emerging Young India Presentation at Doha, Qatar

In this video slideshow, viewers can see a representation of the Emerging Young India presentation given by CGS Infotech CEO Hiten Bhuta at Doha, Qatar on September 9, 2012. In this presentation of photographs, the great reception for his comments is evident.

CEO Hiten Bhuta Provides Useful Insights About Internet Marketing and More At Google Success Event

This video shows a good summary of a presentation by CGS Infotech CEO Hiten Bhuta at a Google Success event at India Club in 2012. He explains the role that Google plays in a company’s success in modern times — and the role that CGS Infotech can play in the financial success of companies just like yours.

CGS Infotech Represented at Oman Chamber of Commerce And Industry Event

In this brief video presentation, you see a representation of CGS Infotech CEO Hiten Bhuta at an Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry event in September 2012. This video shows the impact that CGS Infotech makes around the world for business in general and in the specific areas of website design and search engine optimization.