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Hosting & Email

Secure Email

No one can ever hack our mail servers. Period. Host your email with us and enjoy 100 % protection against spam, virus, hacking, and downtime.

When choosing email hosting in India, you’ll find an endless array of choices. It’s obvious that many different email hosting services in Mumbai compete for your business. But at CGS Infotech, we stand above all other choices because of our years in business, the robustness of our service and the wide array of options we provide. Why choose other email hosting service providers in Mumbai, India when our established company has the strongest possible reputation? Other services or companies in Mumbai can’t match our commit to you, the customers. Are you looking for hosting service providers in mumbai then come to CGS Infotech.

Web-Hosting & Domain Names

Domain Names, Web-Hosting, VPS Servers & Cloud Computing – Get access to most secure web-services & round the clock support.

For web hosting in Mumbai, there’s no better choice than CGS Infotech. As a longstanding and established choice among the web hosting service providers in Mumbai, we have the experience and the resources necessary to meet your needs. We understand that you have other choices in Mumbai, India, but we offer exceptional pricing on domain name services, cloud computing and more. With other companies, you can’t be sure what you’ll get, but with CGS Infotech, you’re getting one of the most experienced, most robust and most trusted web hosting service providers in Mumbai. Why not contact us now to learn more about how we can help you?

Cloud Computing & Backup

Get risk-free solution for back-up & cloud computing. Store your data on cloud. Access it anytime, from anywhere. Never worry about losing the data.

If you’re looking for a company to provide a dedicated server in Mumbai, look no further than CGS Infotech. When you choose dedicated web server hosting in India from our longstanding and respected company, you get what you pay for and more. Again and again, our customers call us the best company for dedicated servers Mumbai has to offer. This is in part because of excellent customer service and support. When you choose dedicated servers India can depend on from our team, you’re never on your own. We’re always here when you need us, so why not sign up now for the high-level service you need?


Secure Email

Our hack-proof servers guarantee the security and integrity of your email account when you let us provide you with email hosting services. Host your email with CGS Infotech and benefit from 100 percent protection against spam, viruses, hacking and downtime. Experience the secure email difference. We are here when you need hack proof Hosting & Secure Email in Mumbai, India. If you need assistance for Hosting & Secure Email in New York or Florida, our North American office can help you.

Web Hosting & Domain Names

Choose us for web hosting and get the very best in domain name services, cloud computing and more. We provide secure web services along with round-the-clock support that no other company in the industry can match. Why not give us a try? We provide effective Web Hosting and Domain Names services in Mumbai, India. If you need help in Web Hosting and Domain Names in New York or Florida, our North American office can help you.

Cloud Computing & Backup

We’re your risk-free solution for cloud computing and data backup. Let us help you store your crucial data on the cloud for safe and secure access from anywhere, anytime. With cloud computing and backup services, you never have to worry about data loss. Get benefits of our Cloud Computing and Backup services in Mumbai, India. If you need help in Cloud Computing and Backup services in New York or Florida, our North American office can help you.

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At CGS Infotech, we’re the place to turn for web hosting, email hosting, Google apps and other web services. Contact us now for the assistance you need. Having us on your side means you’ll always come out ahead. We’re pleased to be an experienced industry leader in web services, and we’re ready to go to work for you right away.